Since November 2005, we have been reforesting the urban environment in Bangalore - the erstwhile garden city that is menacingly growing into a silicon/concrete city. To date, we have planted over 60,000 trees. while this seems like a small statistic, what makes this number special is the checks and balances that have gone into ensuring that over 97% of these trees are surviving even today. Our approach is unique because we treat every single tree, even if it is just one tree, as adopting a tree. we conduct checks to see how the tree will be watered, who will protect it an how. We then asses the most suitable species and the number of trees that can be accommodated and only then do we plant the trees. We do not claim to "plant trees" by distributing saplings or scattering seedballs and assuming that trees have grown. we're not interested in publishing lofty statistics. We're here to reforest india in an accountable, tangible and sustainable manner. one living tree is better than one million statistics.