Janet Yegneswaran:

Janet S.K. Yegneswaran


Gold Medalist in Diploma in Secretarial Practice. Worked with HMT, MCF and L&T.  Settled down after marriage and took to gardening. Started winning prizes for home gardening, year after year, from Mysore Horticulture Society, Lalbagh.  Hobby soon turned to profession in the form of landscaping.  Designed and raised gardens for Kanteerava Outdoor and Indoor Stadiums for the National Games in 1997.  Developed many gardens for institutions and individuals.


After the demise of her husband, Rtn. R.S. Yegneswaran, a record holder for the most number of University Degrees (30 Masters, 2 Bachelors degrees and several Memberships and Diplomas)

She started a charitable trust to plant “trees for free” in Bangalore and plant  fruit orchards for farmers in villages around Bangalore. Garnered many awards and accolades, locally and globally. 

Joined Rotary Club of Bangalore Koramangala in the 2009. Serving as Director, Community Service for five years, Youth Service for one year and Vocational Service for one year. 

Currently, President of Rotary, Koramangala and ReforestIndia.

Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer: (Director, reforestindia)

Polymer engineer by training. advertising creative by profession. and an obsessive reforester. 

He has conceptualised and orchestrated successful campaigns for corporate sustainability, reforestation, water conservation and waste management among other issues. these campaigns have garnering global recognition and coveted industry awards including cannes, one show, clio, london international, asia pacific adfest, olive crown awards for sustainability and more. 

A campaign commissioned by the government resulted in state-wide policy change, and is a model for other states in the country. 

He has also authored and illustrated two children’s books. the first one titled "let’s plant trees" is the world’s first book that carries real tree seeds (pongamia pinnata) that can be planted. it is now  recommended by the NCERT board for Indian schools. 

The other book titled “let’s catch the rain”  breaks down the otherwise unnecessarily complicated term of “rainwater harvesting” into simple fun logic that kids of any age can understand and enjoy. 

He is now full-time “forest farmer” and director of reforestindia.